Toast to Good Health & Happiness!

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After six months of the lockdown, I realised how much of my health had I been neglecting.

It was then that I started religiously following a disciplined regime to eat right. Eating right is often confused with being perpetually hungry. Well, that is one of the most unhealthy ways to loose weight. Food should act as a catalyst to boost your metabolism and keep you mentally fit.

I tried these innovative and healthy food combinations. If you are a foodie and want to loose weight, you should definitely try a hand at these.

Toast To Good Health & Happiness !

Apple & Oats Smoothie – It can get mundane to have just an apple everyday. Well, this drink is actually a whole meal. You just need an apple, two tablespoons oats, one glass double toned milk, one teaspoon of cinnamon powder and voila, you have it ready. You can add honey to it for extra sweetness. I usually have this for breakfast or for a light dinner.

Cucumber Mint Smoothie – If you want to loose weight then cucumbers are the way to go. 95% of a cucumber consists of water and you consume a meagre portion of eight calories with every portion. To prepare this drink, you just need one cucumber, some mint leaves and a few teaspoons of lemon juice. I add some black salt and pepper for taste. This can be a mid morning snack or an afternoon snack.

Apple & Oats Smoothie

Egg white Omelette with Oats – This is the most simple dish to eat. It is the same as having an egg white omelette but instead of having it with a slice of toast you add two tablespoons of oats to it while whisking the egg. This is best eaten with a side of avocado. This is one of my favourites and I usually have it for dinner.

Pomegranate and Cucumber – A combination of one pomegranate with a side of cucumber is an excellent snack as it is packed with nutrition and keeps you full.

Grilled Chicken breast & stir fried vegetables – This is a dish I have been eating since I was a child. Nonetheless, this has the right amount of fibre and protein. You can try variations of the chicken by using different marination sauces.

Apart from these, I make sure I have at least four portions of fruit in a day. It could be a quarter plate of papaya, melon, apple, pear or a kiwi. Fruits make lovely snacks.

Grilled Chicken Vegetables

Another significant health tip would be to hydrate yourself throughout the day. Drinking water not only releases the toxins in your body but also hydrates your skin and gives it a glow while keeping you full.

Concluding Remarks

A healthy body shapes a healthy mind. It keeps you motivated and helps you feel positive about yourself even in difficult times like these. The least we could do during the pandemic would be to look after ourselves to stay healthy and happy. Let us all take a toast to good health & happiness and stay healthy.

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