How It All Began!

Written By Medha Rijal

Where It All Began!
Mama, Medha & Oma


I remember while I waited in Daddy’s office as a ten year old, I wrote a short story on the autobiography of a puppy. I was bored and needed to do something to while away time. Later in the week when I showed a print out of that story to Oma, she was beaming with joy and being the talkative person that she is, quickly told me that she would speak to a local publisher and get my article published.

It was then that Oma realised that I loved to write and somewhere at the back of her mind, she had decided she would help me hone my skills.

The Writing Saga

How It All Began!

A year later, my mother had to relocate to New Delhi to complete her post graduation in Dermatology. Since it was a rigorous course, she had little time to herself which called for Oma to accompany me to Delhi, where during the day Oma and I would spend time together, while Mama would go to the hospital.

Every morning Oma would ask me as to what homework would I be doing today. I was on a three month winter break so I had to do something productive to start the day with. It was either going through my history encyclopaedia, painting, reading a book or writing an essay. This was what I enjoyed doing in my free time.

However, on most days I always ended up writing. It was as if Oma wanted to turn me into a writer overnight. I wrote on topics as mundane as my family, a Saturday in Appu ghar, my friends in school, Lasagne or even the latest movie I had watched. She knitted while I wrote stories.

There were times when I would run out of ideas to write on and then Oma would suggest something as innovative, which I actually found quite improbable then, as , “A Day in the Beach with Mickey Mouse” . Oma was never short of ideas.

I remember on one occasion that Oma and I had gone for a Saraswati puja in the morning and were back home around noon. I quickly took the opportunity and told my grandmother that today was Saraswati puja so I thought that I didn’t really need to write as it was god’s day today. It was then to my dismay that Oma with a wide smile on her face told me that since it was the day for Saraswati, known to be the goddess of wisdom, I would have to write even more today.

Such was her dedication towards my writing. She was not very proficient in English herself but I remember her sitting with a Thesaurus helping me look for synonyms.

Writing Over The Years

Years passed and as I grew older, I remember coming back from college and she would ask me if I still wrote. It was in my under graduation and during the MBA program that I pursued, where I had completely lost touch with writing and had not written a single piece for years.

It was only lately in the last few years, did I realise how much I missed to write. Writing had at one point of time been integral to me yet I had somehow forgotten writing for quite sometime.

I recently joined Fintox, which focuses on finance so I have been writing on topics related to wealth management, cryptocurrencies and various other topics in Finance.

After I published an article I had written on cryptocurrencies, I received a phone call from Oma where she started asking me questions on cryptocurrencies.

She always liked to read every article written by me but this was something she just could not get head and tail of. No matter how much she googled, cryptos just went over her head.

It was then I thought of writing about something she would love and what better way to start than by narrating how my love for writing began. There is no better way of explaining how it all began!

This article is written by Medha Rijal. The author writes articles and stories on topics as diverse as finance, wealth & investments, humour, travel, culture and food.

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