Do you feel lucky today?

There are some people who succeed very early in life. In college itself, they know exactly where they want to intern, they have chosen the field that they are most likely to succeed in and they consistently work towards the plan.

Everything just seems to work out fine for them. Their first job is with a Manager who is patient and knows that people are new and need sometime. There is no unhealthy competition within the team as each employee is given structured work and is rated on the work that he needs to complete.

I sat here writing these lines and after reading what I had just written, I realised that all of the things that I had said only made sense in an idealistic world.

There is no denying that people can over a period of time know exactly what they want and there is no doubting that Managers can be patient.

But everything put together ? Does that even exist ? Something that seems fairly simple might actually take years of hard work. I always found phrases to be cliché but now the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” makes so much sense. What might seem easy would have probably been one of the most difficult battles for the person whose life seems so put together. You cannot actually comment on a man until you’ve walked in his shoes.

So the next time you think that someone has it easier than you do, just remember, what you see might not even be 10% of the actual truth.

Be grateful ! 🥹 There might be someone wishing they were you !

Do you feel lucky today ?


This article is written by Medha Rijal. The author writes articles and stories on topics in finance, wealth & investments, humour, travel, culture and food.

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