Staying Strong!

When we are in school we are told to study, finish assignments on time and to listen.

What our education system fails to highlight and reinforce in our minds is that, it is not the most intelligent person who climbs the mountain first but it is the most fearless, stubborn and mentally charged person who reaches to the top within seconds.

I used to work in sales and would on an average speak to at least ten new people everyday. I never stuck to targets as my goal was bigger than just making a commission. I wanted to move ahead and grow and my story was playing out, however there was an overnight change in the senior leadership which suddenly left me feeling confused and to some extend mentally drained.

During all the conversations that I had previously had with my boss, I had discussed my goals and what I had intended to do in the next six months. Nothing of that mattered as now I had to start right from scratch.

While the change in Management was not the only thing that could go wrong, it was the pandemic and we could not even go and meet our new bosses.

It is in this situation, that the mind has to focus, put aside all fears and emotions and focus on the goal that you had set out to achieve.

If the mountain does not come to you, you get up and bring the mountain to your doorstep, because that is life ! 😊


This article is written by Medha Rijal. The author writes articles and stories on topics as diverse as finance, wealth & investments, humour, travel, culture and food.

Medha is a beauty enthusiast and actively puts up product reviews and reels on skincare, on her page on Instagram  – Easyskinprep. 

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