Kathmandu – Where Culture Meets History

If you love to travel as much as I do, then a visit to the city of Kathmandu will introduce you to Nepalese culture and heritage. What intrigued me were the intricate carvings on the pagoda styled wooden temples, the narrow winding roads, the culture and religiousness of the country and the generosity of itsContinue reading “Kathmandu – Where Culture Meets History”

Nepal – A Delight to the Palette

The topography of Nepal has an impacting influence on the contrasting potpourri of cuisines it offers. The cooking in the steep terrain of the Himalayas is full of Tibetan influences in contrast to the dishes prepared in the plains that have traces of influence from India. If you were to visit Nepal what you wouldContinue reading “Nepal – A Delight to the Palette”

Nepal’s Affair with Gold

Although I might not have lived all my life in Nepal, my roots lie there. My great grandfathers had literally galloped from the mountains of Sibhua, which lie somewhere in the eastern region of Nepal. Nepal has over 125 communities which speak more than 200 dialects. Every community has a standard set of ornaments whichContinue reading “Nepal’s Affair with Gold”

Dharan – A Road Less Travelled

The idea of writing about Dharan did not come overnight. I have spent most of my childhood in this closely connected tiny town which significantly gives me all the more reason to extensively elaborate. Situated on the foothills of the Mahabharata range, Dharan is the second largest city in eastern Nepal with no more thanContinue reading “Dharan – A Road Less Travelled”